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Here is an overview of the software application.

Here is how to get up and running with our application.

Managers can use the app or the web portal (VIRTUALMAMAGER.APP) to execute tasks. Employees download and use the app from the app store.

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First Log In

Go to and click the sign up button. This will prompt you to enter your company information and create your account.

Go to and click the sign up button. This will prompt you to enter your company information and create your account.


employee prompt

After entering your company information, it will prompt your for your first employee entry. This will be the beginning of your employee list.

This will send an invite via email to your first employee. As you enter each employee, an email is generated and sent. Your employee will download the app from the app store and can access the app from that point.

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Employee roster

Enter your employee and their respective job code. You can add more employees here, or inside of the managers portal.


The free version will allow for 1 manager. If you would like to sign up for the BETA package, you can enter a credit card inside of the managers portal and select the BETA subscription at no cost.

setting up

The training, preshift and schedule screens work vey similarly. They give the manager the ability to upload documents and send them out to staff members in real time.

When uploading a document, press the add new button, create a category (or use an already created category) and press the plus sign. Then select the category from the drop down menu, select the file you want and press save!


setting up

Under the action column, you can edit, delete and send once the document is uploaded into the managers portal.

The training, preshift and schedule categories all function the same.

Uploading documents

Click the "add new" button on the right hand side.

Select the category from the drop down menu.

You can create a new category or use an existing category.

If you would like to add a new category, enter the text, click the plus sign and it creates a new category for you.

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sending documents

Click the arrow button on the right side of the newly uploaded document and a screen labelled "sending training material" will pop up.

You can send to an individual, groups of employees by job code or the entire staff.

Chat Room

This function will allow managers to engage one on one with their employees. along with text, you can send documents inside of the room.

Chat Room.png


VRM University will be a complete training and development program incorporated into the application.

There will be over 100 short form video tutorials that will bring your staff members a new level of hospitality acumen.


beta sign up

In the "my account" section, add your credit card to your account. This will not be charged for the BETA program.

In the "subscriptions" section, check the BETA program and select "buy plan". There is no charge for the BETA program.

Make sure the "my account" section reads Plan Name: BETA; as seen in the picture (underneath the credit card).

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